Happy Valentines Day! Whether you are married, in a relationship, or single, I hope that you take the time today to enjoy something that you really love. For my husband, that will be candy. Any type of candy really. Especially those jujube-like fruity gummy candies. Not me though… I mean, I could take them or leave them… not worth it. Chocolate on the other hand… more than worth it! Especially if it’s really good quality dark chocolate. Mmmmm. I’m excited to indulge in my favorite treat later (my hubby will surely buy this treat for me before he comes home from work).

I think that too many people are concerned about healthful eating (which I obviously think is very important) but deprive themselves of treats, or what I call “blissful foods” that they really love. Blissful foods are those foods that aren’t necessarily healthy, but make you feel really happy and boost your mood. In my mind, “healthful eating” includes some “blissful eating” as well. What I often see in my practice, is that depriving your body of your blissful foods only leads to overindulging in them and then feeling guilty… and then overindulging again. It doesn’t really make sense to me and it’s not really going to benefit you in the weight loss department if that’s what you’re going for. Instead, give yourself permission to enjoy your blissful food(s) that you really can’t live without daily… I’m serious, daily! I will be so bold as to say that I guarantee that you will not gain weight or ruin your healthy eating regimen (assuming you are following a fairly well balanced diet otherwise) if you have a moderate portion of your blissful food every day. For me, that means 2-3 squares of dark chocolate a day AND a glass of red wine. This concept is hard for a lot of you, I know. Take my husband for instance (sorry hun). He hasn’t grasped the concept of moderation when it comes to his blissful food (candy) quite yet. He’d rather eat an entire package of Twizzlers or Jujubes in one sitting, feel sick and then get mad at me for “letting” him have that much candy. Oh boy… we’ll keep working on that:)

Getting back to chocolate…

If you love chocolate as much as I do, take a trip to Inglewood and visit “Choklat” on 9th Ave. I have the privilege of working right beside this wonderful place and have been there more than a few times. These guys actually make their own chocolate from scratch in their store! It’s amazing chocolate… definitely worth a try.

Happy blissful eating!


Sarah Remmer
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