One-to-One Counselling

Meet Your Dietitians

We are Sarah and Lesley, two real Moms who understand first-hand the challenges of feeding a family. We understand parents, because we are parents, and want to give you a virtual high five for taking the time out of your busy day to check out our nutrition services. We’re Registered Dietitians who specialize in pre-natal, post-natal, pediatric and family nutrition, as well as healthy weight loss and general health and wellness for Moms.

Check out our nutrition counselling packages below:

Option #1:


The ‘Kick-Start’ Package

With this package, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with your Registered Dietitian one-on-one to learn about how to deal with that one nutrition/feeding challenge that you’ve been dealing with, or you could use your time to ask your Dietitian a series of  more basic nutrition/feeding-related questions. Your Dietitian will give you helpful and practical strategies, tips, resources, and recipes to get your started on your way to better nutrition and happier feeding. This package is perfect for an expectant mom wanting to learn the basics of pre-natal nutrition, a new mom wondering if her baby is receiving the best nutrition possible while starting solids, or for a family wanting help with a bit of meal planning.

Option #2:


The ‘Solid Foundations’ Package

With this package, you’ll build solid foundational knowledge around your particular nutritional and/or feeding challenges, and start filling your nutritional “toolbox” with helpful and practical strategies, tips, resources, and recipes. You’ll have the confidence to move forward with some significant nutritional and lifestyle changes, whether it be eating well for a healthy pregnancy, establishing happier family meals, or introducing your baby to the wonderful world of solids.

Option #3:


The ‘Confident Strides’ Package

 This package is a big step up from our basic package. You’ll not only have double the amount of support and one-on-one time with your Dietitian, but you’ll also receive valuable and sanity-saving bonuses (see below) that will make implementing your new knowledge into your day to day life a whole lot easier.  Your Dietitian will have the time to walk you through, step-by-step, how to overcome your personal (or child’s) nutritional challenge so that you can make life-changing positive changes that you’re seeking. Whether you’re wanting to improve your lifestyle to best prepare your body for pregnancy, are looking for detailed advice on your nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy, need step-by-step guidance and support on how to introduce solid foods, or need help with a severe picky eater, this package is perfect for you. You will also have the opportunity to transfer some of your follow-up time to another family member if you wish.

Option #4:


‘Ultimate Support’ Package

If you are wanting to make a major lifestyle change and feel that you need long-term support and accountability, this package is for you. Your Dietitian will guide and support you (and your family) on your journey to better health, joyful mealtimes, and a long-lasting healthy relationship with food.  There will be no stone unturned when you purchase this package.  Whether you’re a family wanting to “start from scratch” to improve eating habits in a major way, you’re wanting to become pregnant, but realize that you’re going to have to change your lifestyle in a big way first, or you have a significant weight loss goal, this package is the best fit for you. You will also have the opportunity to transfer some of your follow-up time to another family member if you wish.