There is a really interesting article in the Real Life section of the Herald today. It made me think of the dozens of clients (mostly male) that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, who seem to think that more dietary protein is the key to the perfect buff bod. Especially the type of protein that comes in powder form or packed into a high calorie bar. Unfortunately, the whole “high protein, low-carb phase” that we went through a few years back didn’t help with this misconception- in fact, it fueled the protein supplement industry and in turn led many innocent health-conscious consumers astray. Most of us do not need protein supplements to stay fit, gain lean body mass, and especially lose weight or tone down. If you follow a balanced healthy diet that includes meats, protein, fish and/or meat alternatives as well as milk/soy products, you do not need protein supplements in your diet. When protein supplements are added to an already protein-rich diet, overall daily calories creep up substantially (almost always resulting in weight gain- and not the good kind!), not to mention the strain that it puts on the kidneys to eliminate the protein by-products that aren’t used up. A term that comes to mind is “expensive pee”. I hope that you enjoy the article! Protein good. More protein better?


Sarah Remmer
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