Is This You?

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Are you …


Trying to Conceive?:

  • You are having troubles conceiving. You may be at an unhealthy weight or struggle with a medical condition such as PCOS that makes it difficult to conceive.
  • You  want to lose or gain weight prior to your pregnancy, or you want to make sure that your nutritional status and health is optimal before getting pregnant.


  • You are expecting! Congratulations!! You want to ensure that you are eating a well balanced diet specific to pregnancy.
  • You’re wondering about which foods to eat and which foods are unsafe during pregnancy.
  • You’re wondering how much to eat. Or you may suffer for nausea or decreased appetite.
  • You have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.
  • You are experiencing low energy, iron deficiency, constipation or heartburn.

A Mom?

  • You are a new Mom and are finding it hard to lose your pregnancy weight. You want to fit back into your favorite jeans!!
  • You are a  busy new Mom struggling with breastfeeding, or deciding whether to breast or bottle feed and how much.
  • Perhaps you are an adoptive parent who is unsure of which formula to feed your baby and how often to feed.
  • You’re getting ready to introduce your baby to solid foods- you’re wondering “do I make all of my baby’s food from scratch?” and “when and how much do I feed my baby?” You may be experiencing anxiety around starting solids.
  • You don’t have time to cook healthy, balanced, inventive meals day to day because you’re just too busy being a Mom! You’re struggling with coming up with ideas for meals and find that there is not enough time to plan and make meals.
  • You have a picky eater on your hands.
  • You need help with grocery shopping and meal planning for your family
If you said “YES!” to any of the above, we are a great fit.