“I am a 34-year-old mom of 2 small children, so eating healthy and balanced meals is really important to me as I want to be a good model for my children. With my biggest concern being how to manage and minimize regular sugar cravings, I was fortunate to meet Sarah, who analyzed my eating patterns and pinpointed some problems that I was able to fix right away. In addition, she made me understand how my misconceptions might be getting in the way of healthy eating. I am now very happy to say that my sugar cravings have sinced decreased a great deal and I can better control them when they do come along! Thank you so much Sarah!”

Peggy Leung, Mom of 2

“I am so glad that I found Sarah Remmer! As someone who has always been into health and fitness it was a relief to find someone so informative. Sarah helped me sort out the mess in my mind from the multiple sources I’ve read and talked to over the past few years. She took the time to break down the science of nutrition and explain how foods work with your body rather than just telling you to go on a calorie and carb restricted diet like so many places do. I am so excited to have the freedom to choose from so many great foods and my body feels great. Sarah takes the time to really get to know you making fabulous suggestions and tips so that this nutrition can become a part of your lifestyle. Food is exciting again, the recipes are yummy and I know that if I ever get stuck she’ll be the first person I call. Thanks, Sarah!”

Jen H., High School Teacher

“Sarah is extremely personable and makes clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Her ability to blend knowledge with compassion is what makes her such an expert in her field. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. ”

Leah Hepner, Psychologist

“I would highly recommend Sarah for nutritional guidance to expecting and new moms. Exceptional nutrition is a key component to a successful pregnancy and raising a healthy baby. Sarah can provide professional and practical advice, as a Registered Dietitian and mom, to help guide you through any nutritional challenges you may face during these exciting life events.” August 24, 2011

Emma Mitchell, Territory Manager
Nestle Nutrition

“Sarah Remmer has been writing articles for us, at Birth of a Mother Family Magazine, for a couple of years now and we have nothing but fantastic things to say about her.
She is always very cheerful and accommodating, willing to brainstorm until she finds that great segment idea! I find her knowledge of nutrition and children’s eating habits to be vast and ever-growing, as she is one who continues to learn. We feel very fortunate to have her on our team.”

Tracy Loeppky, Director of Operations
Birth of a Mother Family Magazine

“Sarah is a great resource for nutritional guidance and support. She’s great at teaching nutrition in a simple and practical way and is able to tailor her expertise to each client, whether relating to the average person looking to become a healthier weight, the athlete looking for a PB, or the person with medical issues such as iron deficiency, diabetes, or irritable bowel syndrome. Thanks for the great suggestions and resources, and keeping a little chocolate in my daily meal plan.” : )

Diana, MD

“Sarah, you have fundamentally changed my life. Yes, I’m thinner, but I’m also more energetic, healthier, mentally happier, and in control of my eating. What this means is that I have more energy for my children and wife, my health is better which may lead to a longer life to spend with my family, and I no longer feel helpless with regard to my eating. These are major, major things, and I will always be grateful for the help that you gave me. The work that you do is important, and you are brilliant at it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Dave Ryan, Lawyer

“Sarah is a creative and professional business woman. As a dietitian, she inspires others in their quest for wellness. She has developed user friendly, helpful tools to assist her clients in developing healthy lifestyles.”

Debbie Bruckner, Director Health Services
University of Calgary

“I found nutrition counseling to be very helpful in my day to day life, I was able to really regulate any digestive problems I was having and learn ways to make my meals more balanced. Sarah helped me with everyday situations like what to eat in social settings, or the best lunches to bring from home. This information was very easy for me to apply and because of these new habits I have more energy and feel better. I would recommend Sarah’s nutrition counseling to anyone who was looking to make a change in their diet and learn more about what they are eating and how it affects them.”

Katelyn W., U of C student

“After recently going through a separation, and having to learn to cook on my own again, it was recommended to me by family back home in ON that I should consider visiting a Nutritionist. I have always been a very healthy conscious person, but I really needed some help with cooking ideas & meal planning. Also since I travel quite frequently for work, I was looking for suggestions on how to eat healthy while on the road.

I did my research and the best fit for me appeared to be Health Stand Nutrition Consulting. I arranged a series of consultations with Sarah Remmer and have been very satisfied with the results.
Sarah is such a fun person to work with and definitely knows her stuff!

After reviewing my current habits, we were able to identify areas for improvement and developed plans to improve my meals, portion sizes, etc. I came away from each session with a ton of new ideas and began applying them immediately.

I am definitely noticing the improvements in my physical appearance, energy levels & overall attitude. Of course the primary focus of our consultations was on meal management, but in addition we had great conversations on incorporating fitness into my daily routine & also sleeping habits.

I really learned a lot from my sessions with Sarah and would recommend a consultation to anyone who values their overall health. I would have considered myself to have above average knowledge on this subject, but Sarah really exceeded my expectations as I learned a great deal from her. I am also now using the knowledge I gained to share with my family & friends so they can improve their health as well. Again, I would highly recommend this to those who are interested in ways to improve upon your health & eating habits. Personally, I have made a lot of progress and am well on my way to reaching my goals.”

Jack Boken

“Sarah had a thorough and professional approach to assessing my nutritional habits. After consulting with her I have gained a much better understanding of maintaining a healthy diet for my active lifestyle. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”

Tom Anderson,
hired Sarah as a Dietician/Nutritional consultant in 2011

“Sarah helped me get a better understanding of my body and what changes I needed in my eating habits. With her help and ideas I feel more energetic and have gotten rid of the cravings and overeating I have always had. She is personal and passionate and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to understand their nutrition more.”

Chris G., age 33

“Thanks to Sarah Remmer’s knowledge about proper nutrition, I am now at a appropriate weight, and at a level of understanding about my nutrition to avoid blood sugar highs and lows due to Type II diabetes. Her knowledge base for appropriate nutrition/intake has helped me to understand the effects that intake has on how I feel on a daily basis.

Her approach to nutritional counseling has been stellar. She shared her knowledge base, she researched information on appropriate intake and analyzed my intake, such that the results in weight loss, better conditioning and greater understanding of nutrition for me are evident.

I wish I had interacted with her earlier to gain the knowledge that I have now. I would highly recommend Ms. Sarah Remmer for Nutritional Counseling. I can not thank her enough for the role she has played in my understanding nutrition, intake and exercise.”

Ken Ba, Regulatory Advisor Consultant
to Kearl Oil Sands Project Imperial Oil Resources

“I have what I always thought was a fair amount of nutrition knowledge and have been applying it to my daily life but it wasn’t until I started meeting with Sarah that I truly understood all facets of nutrition and how even the smallest tweaking can lead to significant changes. For example – ridding my fridge & cupboards of the non-fat items and incorporating low-fat ones instead so that my body wasn’t holding onto the only fat stores it had; which was my body itself! Since making these small changes that Sarah has suggested, I have not only lost pounds, I have seen my body shape change which is no small feat for me personally as I go to the gym regularly and seemed to have been at a plateau for ages. The proper nutrition has now allowed me to train “better” and I feel stronger and healthier. The best part is to know that it is “ok” to have a little bit of indulgence each day if I so choose – like my small square of chocolate – as long as it is in moderation. (No guilt!) Thanks Sarah!”

Suzanne P., Human Resources Administrator
Trident Exploration Corp.