Blueberry Cornmeal Cobbler Recipe

One of the many reasons that I love Summer is because of the fresh berries. Not only are they packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, but blueberries also taste delicious and are really convenient when you have small children (they are the best and most nutritious finger food!). Both my three-year-old son and my one-year-old daughter devour them by the handful on most days.It's easy to find both organic and conventionally grown berries at most stores right now, but I personally prefer to go to the farmers market and pick up a pint of BC grown blueberries- somehow they just taste better. Maybe it's because I know that they haven't travelled too far! We don't have locally grown berries for very long here in Canada, so I tend to stock up and freeze them near the end of the season to use in smoothies and hot cereal during the … Read More...


Eight Summertime Snacks For Moms And Kids On The Go

Now that my little guy is all done preschool for the year, I'm finding that we are filling up our mornings with play dates, playground visits and running errands. With two little ones in tow, I'm finding that I always need to have lots of snacks and drinks packed to get us through the mornings. Instead of scrambling right before we leave, I've gotten into the habit of preparing and packing up snacks the night before so that we can grab them and go. Even if you're not heading out, having snacks ready in the fridge is always nice. Here are a few of our … Read More...


Refreshing Summer Dessert: Grilled Peach Melba Sundae

  I had never grilled peaches until I received this assignment by Canadian Living to test our their July feature recipe "Grilled Peach Melba Sundae". Not only was I excited about grilling peaches for the first time, but I was also excited by the fact that I got to test out a new tasty dessert (and so was the rest of my family).Prepping the recipe was slightly more labour-intensive than I anticipated. Although the extra time that it took was totally worth it, I do wish that there was an easier way to peel and pit fresh peaches … Read More...

when your child is constipated

What To Do When Your Child Is Constipated

It is not uncommon for young kids to become constipated. After all, toileting is one of the three major things that kids CAN control in the lives (along with eating and sleeping). Having a child who experiences constipation can be very stressful for parents, and it is hard to know what to do. When a child is constipated, he or she will often experience stomach pain, bloating, gas, loss of appetite and irritability--similar symptoms to what we adults might experience.I had a reader question come through my inbox and I thought I'd write a post to … Read More...


Picky Eating


Setting Mealtime Boundaries For Your Child

As the parent of a preschooler and baby, I know firsthand how stressful mealtimes can be. They are certainly not relaxing by any stretch of the imagination, but they can be enjoyable and less chaotic if boundaries are set. It's up to us parents … Read More...