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The Extreme Picky Eater: When a Parent Should Worry

HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN 'TYPICAL' AND 'EXTREME' PICKY EATING AND WHAT TO DO AS A PARENT: There’s picky eating and then there’s picky eating. When picky eating tendencies cross the borders of what’s considered “typical” and start affecting your child’s growth, weight, mood, and family mealtimes in a drastic way, it’s likely time to seek help. Dealing with extreme - or even moderate - forms of picky eating can feel hopeless and isolating. It also causes worry, stress, and sometimes panic for parents, as well as anxiety, fear, and social isolation for the child. In fact, a recent study in the September 2015 issue of Pediatrics showed that (after screening caregivers of over 900 children aged 2-5), children with severe forms of selective eating were much more likely to experience elevated symptoms of social anxiety, anxiety. and … Read More...

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3 Picky Eater Strategies That WORK (and what doesn’t work)

 Navigating the tricky world of feeding toddlers and young kids can be exhausting. Especially for those who are parents of picky eaters — I know this from first-hand experience. Although my kids are both fairly good eaters, they have each put us through our paces at mealtimes, whether it’s refusing to eat, throwing food and making a mess, or requesting snacks around the clock.Here are three common parenting strategies I often witness and have tested myself that DON’T work (and often perpetuate the problem) and three strategies that can transform … Read More...


47 Resources for Help Feeding Your Picky Eater

 DIETITIAN-APPROVED KIDS NUTRITION & PICKY EATING RESOURCES With so much nutrition information out there, it's hard to know who and what to trust. When it comes to feeding kids and picky eating issues, you want to make sure you're reading evidence-based information from credible sources. Because kids nutrition can be confusing and dealing with fussy feeders and picky eaters can be overwhelming (I know this first hand!), I've come up with a list of blogs, books, and Facebook pages that I personally follow, from experts that I admire and trust. … Read More...


4 Fruity Pregnancy Mocktails

DON'T MISS OUT WITH THESE FUN AND FRUITY VIRGIN DRINKSThere's no reason pregnant women should have to miss out on the fun of drinking a yummy beverage in a fancy glass during happy hour, at a dinner party, or at a summer BBQ. Although these non-alcoholic alternatives aren't quite as fun as their alcoholic counter-parts, they are equally as delicious and provide an exciting alternative to water or my go-to: soda water and cranberry juice, which gets boring after a while.Read the whole post   … Read More...



My Top Five Slow Cooker Recipes

  A slow-cooker can be a life-saver on busy days, allowing you to have a home-cooked hot meal ready when suppertime rolls around. I find that it saves me the stress of trying to figure out what to feed my family at the last minute, … Read More...

Picky Eating

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