4 Fruity Pregnancy Mocktails

DON'T MISS OUT WITH THESE FUN AND FRUITY VIRGIN DRINKSThere's no reason pregnant women should have to miss out on the fun of drinking a yummy beverage in a fancy glass during happy hour, at a dinner party, or at a summer BBQ. Although these non-alcoholic alternatives aren't quite as fun as their alcoholic counter-parts, they are equally as delicious and provide an exciting alternative to water or my go-to: soda water and cranberry juice, which gets boring after a while.Read the whole post   … Read More...


How This Well-Meaning Habit is Enabling Your Picky Eater

  IT'S TIME TO DITCH THE "GRAZE CRAZE"   It seems that moms and dads are constantly reaching into their purses, bags, strollers, and pockets for portable snacks to hand to their squirmy tots in malls, indoor playgrounds, on walks, and just about anywhere else. And trust me, I am guilty of it too. I rarely leave the house without a bag full of snacks just in case we are out for longer than planned. Read the whole post   … Read More...


Beware Of Food Babe & Other Nutrition “Experts” Advice

LOOKING FOR NUTRITION ADVICE? 4 RED FLAGS TO WATCH OUT FOR   When it comes to nutrition, people can become emotionally invested in what they believe to be true, whether it's that gluten is terrible or that dairy isn't fit for human consumption. It can be a touchy subject, especially if changes in diet have coincided with improved energy levels, weight loss, or decreased digestive symptoms. And when someone becomes passionate about changes in their own nutrition, they often don't hesitate to spread the message. Read the whole post   … Read More...


3 False Assumptions Parents Often Make At Mealtimes

THIS MEAL MIGHT JUST BE THE MEAL WHERE SHE FINALLY ACCEPTS IT! Last week we were eating turkey burgers around the dinner table when I couldn't help but notice my son watching my husband's every move. My husband put ketchup on his burger, so my son asked for ketchup. My husband put a tomato on top, and so did my son. He wanted to be exactly like Daddy. Then, when my husband served himself some salad, my son asked for some too (he's never asked for salad in his life and has always turned his nose up at it). Read the whole post     … Read More...



My Top Five Slow Cooker Recipes

  A slow-cooker can be a life-saver on busy days, allowing you to have a home-cooked hot meal ready when suppertime rolls around. I find that it saves me the stress of trying to figure out what to feed my family at the last minute, … Read More...

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